So, you wanna know about me?

Kelly Irene was born in a small town outside of Cleveland, OH
and came to Toledo to attend school. She's been working with design for over a decade.

  • Productive
  • Passionate
  • Technical

2015 Student Art Show Winner
melodic expressions music poster

A music production held by the Owens Community College Music Department called "Melodic Expressions". Designed using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign.

Baskerville Typography
creating art from text

Using thousands of lines of text featuring the Baskerville font to create a potrait of a Bloodhound. Designed using Adobe Illustrator.

Cygnus Brewing Company
Milk Carton Package Design

A milk carton packaging design featuring four sided design using geometric influences. Designed using Adobe Illustrator.

What Kelly Irene Brings to the Table

I am known for bold and fierce design using everything from
black and white to a spectrum of color. From type to abstract, I got it all.

  • Reliable Contact

    Complete support with the designer to work out any issues with formats or assisting with any questions.

  • Website Design

    Offers services for website design and upkeep for low monthly payments.

  • Coding Services

    HTML coding and assisting with any code construction after the code is completed. Knowledge of Adobe Dreamweaver and Adobe Muse.

  • Sound Construction

    Knowledge of Adobe Flash/Adobe Animate and the use of Apple Garage Band for use in work.

  • 110% Commitment

    A long standing passion for Graphic Design and commitment to the work produced.

  • Precise and Timely

    Fast paced and well-organized work that still adheres to a high standard of excellence.

Freedom lies in being Bold

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